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Are online blackjack rigged Are Blackjack Sites Rigged | Fake vs Real Sites | robotstrading.info Are online blackjack rigged Is it Possible to Rig a Live Dealer Blackjack Games?

Are online blackjack rigged Is online blackjack rigged? | Blackjack Tips

Are you asking about live or online? Online I think the house has the advantage. They can program the software in they favor and we will never know. Live, well it are online blackjack rigged depends. If you sit with players that split face cards are online blackjack rigged hit when dealer is showing a 6, that is odds against you.

Its hard to answer your question cuz you are not being specific enuf. Blackjack online is rigged becuase you playin against the house not other players where the site recvd rake for that. Seriously dude how do you expect something like that against the computer to not be rigged? There are certain casinos which statistical analysis has shown have rigged blackjack games!

Blackjack is an incredibly swingy game and you can make or lose money fast. In the long run, you will always lose. I dont recommend playing BJ on Carbon. I have been beat a bunch there. Now Cake has a good BJ table. I turned 3 bucks into link just like 30 min. I lost all my cash on blackjack at carbon last nite.

Honestly speaking i still love carbon i made decent cash on the tables and freerolls. Its just my fault i didnt know when to stop. I was trying to chase my loss but landed up losing everything but if i have a high balance in the future i would try my hand at blackjack again but be very careful just 1 buyin thats it and then play again after a like a month if i lose im gonna stick to that really i am believe me!

Cool http://robotstrading.info/legal-us-online-slots.php shall check it out i need the tips! Blackjack is a -EV game unless you know how to count. You need a pretty big bankroll to make click to see more money at it unless you luckbox your way through.

And to the person are online blackjack rigged thinks one online BJ game is different than another online BJ game with the exact same rules, you are wrong. You just got lucky. Going heads up with the House. It for sure does not to be rigged. I think onlione blackjack has to be rigged, i have never lost money so fast and all i have ever heard was ppl loseing money fast playing online blackjack.

Then you might can win big, but if are online blackjack rigged or so is all you got then stay far far away. The best thing about BJ is the rush, and that is what suckers you in.

Next thing you know your either very lucky, or one of the many crushed and broke. No house game needs to be rigged, online or otherwise. Also, not all blackjack games are equal -- some have better rules than others surrender, resplit, etc. Even if the house had NO edge, they still have more money than you. I used to question the integrity of the software on some sites esp after losing an unreal number of consecutive hands when you have 20 and the dealer is showing a bust card.

No need to be rigged, at least live. Absolutely no point in even bothering unless your doing it for fun. Online blackjack for sure is rigged, without a doubt. Now real life, it is the easiest casino game to win money.

I would like to find a reliable place http://robotstrading.info/100-deposit-bonus-binary-options.php gambling using my bitcoins. Posted this numerous times, ya can turn casino bonuses into poker play. Hi guys, I have recently seen in the group about website called Slotscocktail, did anybody hear something like that? How is the payouts on slots are online blackjack rigged they fair and has are online blackjack rigged done well and made out with a jackpot and which sites are the best for slots thanks good luck are online blackjack rigged johnny8.

Tell me of your greatest dgen story; be it a huge spew or a huge win. First time I ever played live poker I click only did so because I had hit quads twice in a row on video.

You can earn 5 Club Points are online blackjack rigged starting a discussion!

Is Blackjack Rigged at Casinos?

Be aware that posts do not always involve card counting and that general gambling discussion is welcome. Casino promotions posts are allowed only as links in text posts with meaningful user content are online blackjack rigged the body. How rigged is online blackjack? I have a strange feeling the house always seems to get the best hands, abnormally more than the player. Either by messing with the software, or by making up excuses to not pay you. Over time, they win.

Mathematics dictates this, and is undeniable. You statement is based on variance. If you flipped a coin, and it came up heads 14 times in a row, you would no doubt believe the coin to be magic. In big enough sample sets, you will see all manner of abnormal-looking variances. Rest assured, this is how it works. You have a very, VERY lucrative business that is guaranteed to make you a healthy profit.

The ONLY way you can mess it up here be by cheating. It would be like poisoning your only are online blackjack rigged goose. I mean I use logic when hitting, splitting, doubling according to the typical mathematical odds. But would you have any further advice? In are online blackjack rigged real casino, the ability to count cards is your are online blackjack rigged at a true advantage.

If you are hellbent on playing blackjack online again, you are playing a game that is ALWAYS stacked are online blackjack rigged you grab a card of bet365 2014 money adder strategy, or just have the wizard of are online blackjack rigged open on another browser. Never, EVER deviate from this strategy. One mistake in a hundred are online blackjack rigged can be a significant disadvantage over the long haul.

Take any money you would be willing to lose online, and put it into a medium risk portfolio, or even a savings account. When you have enough saved up for a trip to Vegas or your nearest "real" casino make the trip, and do your playing there. I have a long history of both playing online blackjack and auditing blackjack hand histories.

A common minimum sample size to achieve these guaranteed results is usually 10, hands at a minimum. As you can imagine, inside of a 10, hand sample size you are online blackjack rigged have some jaw dropping variance that cannot be survived by most, mainly because our bet sizing varies, and our starting buy-in amounts do not account for variance over a sample read article that large.

Usually the player plays many sessions to make up 10, hands, not one single session. Having said this, I would not are online blackjack rigged surprised if there is logic built into the software to be "session aware". Meaning, know the starting bet amount, starting buy-in, monitor bet size changes, and click at this page house edge in certain situations.

As mentioned in the comments already, anything provable about a "rigged" game would be massively damaging to the casino, so if there is something afoot, its not going to be easy to prove. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a 65 no deposit bonus link.

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