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Casino Advantage Play Blackjack advantage players can tilt the odds Blackjack advantage play can be achieved in a number of the player is playing at an advantage over the casino.

Casino Advantage Play casino advantage play Join our Online Casino Now. Play Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, and more!In this First Article About Advantage Play, It Is.

Many reputable casino consultants claim that it is simply impossible. But is this really the case? And there is clear proof to indicate this, online casino advantage play the casino community tends to be slow learning because many people rely on what they read, instead of testing the theories for themselves.

Self-professed dice setting experts claim to be able to control online casino advantage play rotation of the dice. Basically the theory is if the dice are thrown at the correct angle, the bounce off the wall at the back of the table will be limited, and that the axis the online casino advantage play are on will not have changed.

In our experience, this tells only a fragment of the story. An important rule of craps is that the dice must hit the back wall of the table. However, some casinos will allow the dice to not hit the back wall, and just let you off with a warning. Most notable experts do agree that without the addition of the back wall head, the dice can be controlled to a point that overcomes the house edge.

But the problem is a player cannot iowa casino guide avoid the back wall. And online casino advantage play players make a very large bet specifically for an occasion when the back wall is avoided, the casino staff are more likely to reject the shoot. So merely avoiding the back wall is not viable as a long-term strategy. Take for example Steve Forte.

To be fair, he is extremely knowledgeable about casinos and advantage play in general. You could say he knows a fair amount of information about almost anything involved in casinos. But when it comes to dice setting, his tests involved the direct drop of dice. His conclusion was that the direct drop resulted in random results, so he failed to see how any shoot would make outcomes more predictable. However, the fact is the spin trajectory of the dice makes outcomes more predictable.

If you merely drop a dice, the outcome is actually more likely to be unpredictable. He concluded that the role of a dice can be predictable to a degree, but only if the particular release or shoot of the dice is within a very strict tolerance. Basically it means that the dice must be thrown almost precisely the same way every time, otherwise the outcome is as good as random.

And again in this case the significance of the trajectory and role of the dice was neglected. Instead of learning from articles and experiences of other people, we conducted our own experiments.

Firstly we purchased equipment to simulate a craps table, which included the felt and the back wall with the bumper. We also purchased two sets of dice for our tests — both regulation dice, and some from another supplier. We determined the outcomes over thousands of straight drops of the dice.

And sure enough, the drop outcomes were quite random, at least to the point where there was no evidence to suggest that outcomes were predictable. But then we changed the angle at which the dice was dropped, so that the edge was the first part to hit the felt. This created a forward role effect, and very clearly we found that the outcome of the roles was predictable.

So the first part of the test concluded that the so far limited testing indicated a role can be online casino advantage play. But testing on a full-scale craps table is a very different thing. The idea was to determine which physical variables of a dice shoot would result in the most predictable outcomes.

With a few tweaks to ensure the accuracy of the physics, we ran the simulation over millions of shoots. We were aware that a computer online casino advantage play reality, and a real table, can and do have differences. But a least the physics in the simulator were accurate enough to give us something to aim for.

Once we had determined which variables or attributes of a dice shoots made the outcomes more online casino advantage play, we tested the principles in the real world. It did involve quite a bit of skill to get it right. And mind you, even hundreds of shoots is very tiresome. In total, we recorded shoots, and recorded every one of online casino advantage play with frames per second video.

However, the dice setting techniques and courses we have purchased mostly do not do what they are supposed to do. They use an incorrect technique that makes little to no difference to the predictability of shoots. And we conclusively proved that dice setting is a reality with the right technique.

However, at this stage we do not intend to release further information. We are not selling any online casino advantage play, nor will we ever. We may apply the knowledge for monetary gains, but at this stage we still have better options. More information, including videos, will be published in time. Advantage play is the term given to legal betting systems that indian casinos history work, as opposed to illegal cheating methods.

An advantage play is basically a professional player that beats the house. A knowledgeable or skillful advanced player can achieve an edge in a variety of casino games including blackjack, and even roulette. Probably the best-known advantage play method is blackjack card counting.

Arbitrage bets involve the placement of bets with different bookmakers. This can be applied by exploiting typical bonuses or free bets, which are sometimes offered by casinos or online betting websites, to attract new players. This effectively reduces the house edge, or increases the payout to the player. Online casino advantage play bookmaker or casino does not specifically lose though.

Check this out form involves betting on the middle of sports events.

This is possible by fixed odds offered by bookmakers. One bookmaker may offer particularly high odds for one team in a sports match, but lower odds for the other team. Where is a completely different bookmaker may offer online casino advantage play complete reverse. Then a player could simply place bets on opposing teams, with opposing bookmakers, so that they receive higher payouts no matter who wins.

This can be applied with bookmakers that vary the odds, but it is typically applied only with fixed odds sports betting. This is another way the casino offers a reduced house edge, although only temporarily. Online casino advantage play is permissible because the casino is considering the lifetime value of the player. It is online casino advantage play not much different from the casino paying for advertising.

Such offers can generate a statistically guarantee profit for a player, if they were able to create multiple accounts. But casinos require official forms of identification before withdrawals can be made.

And any attempt to circumvent these requirements can be construed as fraud. Poker involves playing other players, not the house. The casino usually takes a small fee for players to online casino advantage play in each game. Whether or not the player earns enough to cover the joining fee, known as the rake, depends on how skillful the player is in the size of their bets. Professional players do best by first scouting tables which are attended by relatively unskilled players.

After all, they are likely to achieve poor results if they play against more experienced opposition. A relatively small amount of poker is actually about cards. Of course it is important to understand the value of cards, the rules of the game, and when a decision is either good or bad. But ultimately you are playing other players, so professional players need to learn the mannerisms and behaviour of their opponents. This may be nervous tics, facial expressions, sweating and anything else they can reveal nervousness of other players.

And visit web page the same time, professional players must learn to be aware of their mannerisms, and how to manipulate other players. For example, a professional player may deliberately show visible tics to pretend they are nervous. And they may lose deliberately on smaller bets. This is so that on a larger bet, they can mislead other players and win.

There are many types of behavior online casino advantage play a professional poker player must observe, in order for them to successfully manipulate their opponents and win. Dice setting is online casino advantage play ability for a professional player to throw a dice in a particular way, to produce a particular outcome.

The most common game in which this skill is applied is craps. Many experts debate the existence or legitimacy of dice setting, although we have seen ample evidence to indicate dice setting is indeed real. Many casinos offer benefits to players online casino advantage play continue to play. The value of these benefits can often far exceed the amount the player is actually losing in the casino. From this perspective, it is quite easily possible to overcome the house edge at any game.

For example, you may receive thousands of dollars worth of free accommodation, if you have wagered a certain amount of money. And there are some particular bets in casino games that carry a very low house edge.

So effectively a player can make bets for several hours, lose almost nothing, and still receive thousands of dollars in benefits.

Roulette wheels are widely considered to be mechanically perfect. But in reality, they are incredibly flawed and tend to develop imperfections over time. Even the slightest imperfection can cause online casino advantage play numbers to spin more than others.

The ultimate effect is known as a roulette wheel bias. In most cases, accurate roulette wheel bias analysis requires the analysis of thousands of spins. Once a player notices a statistical anomaly, they simply need to bet on the most frequently spun numbers. However, modern roulette wheel bias is considerably online casino advantage play complicated because casinos nowadays use online casino advantage play roulette wheel bias detection software, which analyses spins from the wheel, and notifies the casino of bias.

Modern roulette wheel bias techniques involve visual confirmation of bias, which will spins netent casino 2015 free bias before the casino has enough data to assess their wheels. This way, the player can exploit the bias before the casino was even aware of it. Roulette computers are the roulettephysics.

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Advantage play in roulette specifically relates to professional roulette systems that are widely recognized to produce online casino advantage play advantage. This is why casinos use the term advantage play. The central website for advantage player roulette is www. Do not confuse legitimate advantage play with the system for sale called maximum advantage roulette, from Silverthorne publishing, which does not use professional approaches that work.

By definition they are any strategy that provide the player with a statistical or physical advantage over the casino. If you want to know how to play roulette to win, advantage play is where you must begin.

These systems are never based around the betting table, but rather the roulette wheel itself. It is a typical gambler fallacy that roulette is all about the table, when in fact the betting table is a scattered representation of the physical wheel.

The techniques can be applied in both real and online casinos. Online roulette advantages include the ability to screen record spins using automated software, then replay the spins at a faster speed to obtain the required data.

This makes it far easier for professional advantage players to obtain the data they need for analysis. With all roulette advantage systems, except for roulette computers, they take time and effort. This is in contrast to the typical roulette systems that take minutes to learn and apply, but unfortunately eventually blow the players bankroll.

Mathematical roulette systems that rely exclusively on mathematics do not win, because they do not use proper variables that determine where the ball will land. Our roulette simulator simulates the variables but can never substitute for real wheels.

However, it can at least tech you the basics online casino advantage play how to play roulette. The best methods all involve inside bets that are based on roulette wheel sectors. Roulette wheel bias is perhaps the oldest method, but online casino advantage play is still no such thing as a no lose roulette system. The most common combination bets involve the use of splits where one chip can cover two numbers. With streets and other types of bets, a player can cover particular sectors, although not with the same perfection achieved with individual inside bets.

The specific Roulette system that is best ultimately depends on where it is applied. If the average conditions are considered, then roulette computers are the most effective way to be roulette. These are discrete electronic devices that measure the speed of the rotor and ball to predict where the ball is most likely to land.

The winning number may not be predicted with pinpoint http://robotstrading.info/unibet-play-online-casino-games-online-slots-casino-welcome-bonus.php, but roulette computers can quite easily at least predict the wheel sector with the winning number an inordinate amount of times. This is a sufficient edge to achieve reliable online casino advantage play consistent profits.

Learn more at www. Professional advantage play systems do not involve betting on, black, odds, evens, or any of the more popular types online casino advantage play roulette bets, except in the circumstances explained above. These more common types of bets are essentially gambling because they are guesses that do not relate to specific sectors of the wheel.

Bets that represent particular sectors of the wheel are called neighbour bets. Where possible, players prefer to play on European wheels that have a bet365 deposit methods zero, rather than the 00 on the American wheels.

This is because the house edge for European wheels is half of that for American wheels. No staking or betting plan will assist the player to win unless they are first increasing the accuracy of their predictions.

Increasing accuracy can only be achieved visit web page application of roulette physics. Mathematics alone cannot beat roulette. In cases where the advantage player has increased the accuracy of predictions, they can afford to gradually increase bet size after losses, because they already have an advantage.

What it basically does is decrease the amount of time the player spends inside the casino. After all, time is money, and is important for the player check this out be out of the casino with their target profit reviews casino uk soon as possible. Online casinos often use live dealers instead of computer animations. They are no different to a slot machine.

In casinos that offer live deal roulette, all the principles for winning roulette with advantage play are exactly the click as in real casinos. As explained above though, online casino advantage play advantage of playing online is you can prerecord spins for data collection, which saves a lot of time.

Again they specifically call advantage play systems as such because they do provide the player with a genuine advantage. Casino owners love to see their patrons betting on the outsides of the roulette table because these bets are guaranteed to lose. Consider red and black bets for example. Red and http://robotstrading.info/is-online-gambling-banned-in-india.php are scattered all over the wheel, alternating red and black.

And of course we have the green zero. After all consider they are right next to each online casino advantage play. The slightest variance in physical variables can mean online casino advantage play difference between the ball landing in a red or black pocket.

Realistically you cannot calculate the variables with sufficient accuracy to make such a precise prediction. Predicting a roulette wheel sector is a very different story, online casino advantage play the variables gambling anti money laundering group predictable enough to achieve sufficiently accurate predictions, at least to overcome the house edge and turn the edge back in the players favour.

So to simplify, you cannot be roulette with red and black bets. If the same kind of case with dozens, except where the dozens each represent numbers that online casino advantage play deliberately randomly scattered around the wheel.

Consider the numbers one and two, which are both in the first dozen, although on the opposing sides of the wheel for the European wheel format. With the single zero European wheel, there is one green zero and the house edge is If roulette was a fair game, a win on an individual number will pay 36 to 1, which means you get back your original bet, plus another 36 units. So really even when you win, you still actually lose because the payout is unfair.

If you vary the bet size, commonly known as the martingale system, all you do is change the amount you wager on an individual spin. Putting this into perspective, consider that again the house edge is normally If you are not mathematically inclined, this means that with a roulette computer online casino advantage play device, you can achieve an edge around 40 times greater than the casino has over normal players.

This is all achieved by calculating the speed of the roulette ball and wheel to predict where the ball will land. The science behind it is actually quite simple, although x bonus casino modelling of ball behaviour is quite complicated when considering the variations of air pressure and ball deceleration rates.

Again considering the normal house edge against the player, these are enormous edges. This is why I often say the key to roulette is not really beating the wheel, because it is actually quite easy. The real secret is not being detected, because if you online casino advantage play detected, the casino will not allow your winning to continue one way or another.

Rapid roulette is useful for read article detection whether you cheat at roulette or use legal advantage play. The actions of casino staff to prevent professional players winning is called countermeasures.

The countermeasures that are applied ultimately depend on how the casino suspects the player is winning. Online casino advantage play example, with roulette computers, the measurements of the ball online casino advantage play rotor speed must be taken after the ball has been released, and then the player receives a prediction on which to bet from the computer.

So all casino staff need to do, to stop computer players winning, is to call no more online casino advantage play much earlier. The problem is casinos make a lot more money when they allow late bets.

In fact many players prefer to bet after the ball has been released, for various reasons such as they think the dealer may deliberately spin the wheel in a way that makes them lose. But whatever the case, casinos that online casino advantage play players to bet after the ball has been released tend to earn significantly more.

This makes it easier for roulette computer players to win. Vigilant casinos that carefully monitor players for suspicious behaviour will only call no more bets earlier if they suspect a particular player is using a roulette computer. Is the same case with pretty much any advantage play, where there are ample opportunities for the player to take advantage of the wheel and exploit it for-profit. And usually the most casino is make winning difficult for the player, but it is at a cost to the casino too.

Another example is with some advantage play systems, relatively large amounts of data are required. This means many spins need to be analysed. If the casino spun the wheel very infrequently, such methods would be ineffective for the player. But it would also mean there are fewer bets on the table, and the casino earns less. Alternatively, if the casino spun the wheel more frequently, it would be more vulnerable to attack from professional players. The the upside of this for the casino though is that more frequently spinning wheel means average players generally lose money quicker, and the casino profits quicker.

Ultimately with everything considered, advantage play roulette systems are likely to be effective for some time to come. With the advent of new technologies in casinos, they are gradually losing online casino advantage play, but at a very slow rate. At the current rate, I estimate the majority of roulette advantage play methods to be obsolete in approximately 15 years.

This still presents a lucrative opportunity for professional players. For more information about advantage play and a professional roulette system, visit www. Online casino advantage play are Advantage Play Roulette Strategies? What is the best roulette advantage system? Is betting progression used? Is advantage play any different playing online?

What casino staff do if advantage players are detected Rapid roulette is useful for avoiding detection whether you cheat at roulette or use legal advantage play.

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